Sophie Cazeneuve

Sophie CazeneuveAfter several years of intensive training, performing in acrobatic swing, and social dancing in her native France, Sophie became desirous of bringing her Standard and Latin dances to a new level. A creative and curious dancer interested in a wide array of styles, Sophie has competed successfully in Latin and Standard.

Since moving to New York, ten years ago, Sophie has added West Coast Swing, Salsa on 2, American Rhythm and American smooth to her specialties.

Certified in West Coast Swing and Bronze American Smooth, she currently teaches private lessons and group classes in Manhattan. Very passionate about teaching and seeing improvement in anyone that takes her classes, she keeps working at developing her dancing skills every day. Her drive to improve and discover more and more about movement is also allowing her to provide the best learning experience to her students.

She is known for combining sophistication, precision, creativity, and wit. After 20 years of dancing, she remains strongly fascinated by the power of music, the dedication that partner dancing requires, and how it can open and free someone’s mind ( and body !)


Dancer Partner: Tony Martinez