Geetha Rathnamala

Geetha RathnamalaGeetha Rathnamala came to UPS in 2015 after being homeless for several years and credits the staff, especially her Case Manager, with “improving her quality of life and aiding in her road to recovery.”

She believes that “nourishment is not only good for the body but also for the mind” and as a result, she is a strict vegetarian. Through yoga for regular exercise and hot steam sauna rooms, she purifies her body by sweating out negative toxins. She has not only shown improvement with her body but also her mind and spirit. She has made a concentrated effort to be in touch with her spiritual side and is a daily practitioner of meditation and calming techniques to help challenge her inner being with positive emotions.

For her intellectual side, Geetha had previously enrolled at a local university where she did exceptionally well in chemistry, scoring 100% on all her exams. During that time, a “previous life” she tutored other students in math – a job she thoroughly enjoyed.

Geetha is very creative and multi-talented. She plays several instruments including the piano and guitar and enjoys writing poetry and books. To continue her passage towards wellness and wholeness, Geetha is writing her memoir. She feels that this process will “help her know what is next in her life.”

Today, Geetha is a much happier person and is enjoying her well rounded life. She has plans to purchase her own home someday and looks forward to traveling. She visits her family in India whenever she can and often thinks about returning to live in her homeland.

Geetha has proven that making a change is as easy as saying “I will.” She is perfectly matched at Unique People Services for she is as unique as they come and can do many amazing things. She is multi-talented and very creative and we look forward to great things from her in the future.